9 Signs That A Woman Isn’t Worth Pursuing

guywithtwogirlsWhen you consider the dating arena, there are some warning signs that indicate a woman’s not worth pursuing.  If the woman you are dating is doing any of the following things, you should definitely run in the opposite direction.

She Texts or Calls Too Often

If you receive numerous calls and texts from your woman, it suggests she’ll be desperate, needy, high maintenance and paranoid. You should look for a woman who gives you some time to respond before sending aggressive messages. Such a woman will be a good choice for you.

She Displays Some Histrionic Tendencies

If you spend all your time with one woman, you’re going to get bored quickly. It’s important to have some space for yourself. Every person has some ups and downs. Thus, relationships need to have reciprocal support. You should not choose a woman who dominates every single conversation.

Conversation Does Not Flow Well

Whether your woman struggles to stay focused, finds it difficult to join a conversation or spends more time talking about herself, you need to make sure that she communicates well. If she is unable to communicate properly, you won’t enjoy spending your life with her.

She Leaves Everyone and Everything for You

If a woman leaves everything for you, it means she’s too desperate and insecure to define herself in life.  In simple terms, she will be unstable in a relationship. In case you can’t have a reasonable conversation with the girl about how leaving something is not right, you should better stay away.

Personality and Value Clashes

In case you constantly find yourself managing combative or awkward conversations about religion, life goals or politics, just back away. Even when you’re attracted to each other, it’s important that you have the same morals or values. Otherwise, it will be impossible to sustain the relationship.

She Does Not Take An Interest

Most woman think playing hard to get is sexy and hot. However, it only turns on a guy in the beginning.  If a woman does not show interest, you shouldn’t waste your time. If she seems interested in some other guy or does not return your calls, you should look for someone else.

She is Cynical in Life

Living a cynical life can cause a lot of problems. Therefore, you should look for a woman who is optimistic and positive. If she can’t say a single good thing about you, it’s possible you might experience a life filled with depression. It’s better to start seeing someone else.

She Does Not Make Any Efforts on Dates

If you woman comes to meet you in a stained outfit or never smells good, it indicates she won’t really make any efforts for you. Such signs can give you a glimpse of an unstable future together.

You Don’t Keep Waiting to See Her

Last but not the least, even when you’re dating a young, kind, intelligent and beautiful woman, it’s important to get along well with her. You should value the time you spend together, and have a desire to see her everyday.  If you don’t experience such feelings, it’s better to call it quits.

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