Are You Trying Too Hard To Reach The Big O? Here’s How To Make Sex More Enjoyable With Your Man

If you're trying too hard to reach the Big-O, you may be missing out on everything else sex has to offer!

If you’re trying too hard to reach the Big-O, you may be missing out on everything else sex has to offer!

For most of us, reaching the Big O (codename for climaxing) is the most important part of the entire sexual experience: the “crowning” of the sexual act. Curiosity is part of the human nature, and being curious is a beautiful thing – if you are the type of person who just loves to experiment with sex and with getting to know her partner, then this article will surely appeal to you.

Have you and your partner ever tried to synchronize your orgasms? If so, then you have certainly noticed just how difficult that can be, at times. Sometimes, you tend to finish too quickly, while other times it takes so much that the sex becomes boring – either way, it’s not good!

Surrendering to your orgasm is an art, one that requires thorough practice. You need to know how to relax, how to let off some steam and how to enjoy the whole thing – if you are too focused on climaxing, you will not get to enjoy the foreplay and all the other beautiful and arousing things that come with the sex.

One thing is for sure: it often happens that women are too harsh on their senses, they are too judgmental with themselves if they do not manage to please their partner and they climax too fast. Ladies, you need to know that there is nothing wrong – do not feel discouraged, sex is a beautiful thing just the way it is, there is no textbook or guideline that women should use when it comes to bed!

Sometimes the sexual tension is too high that you can no longer hold it inside you and you feel like exploding, and that is perfectly fine. Practice makes perfect!

How To Yield To Your Orgasm

The first and most important thing you need to do is to simply stop controlling yourself. When you try to control your body, you will no longer be able to “look at the big picture” and to just enjoy this whole process as it unfolds. Let go, try something new with your partner such as soft bondage or S&M, or whatever appeals to you.

Tease yourself, pleasure yourself and your partner, and simply re-discover your own body.

Secondly, it is important not to rush things and never to chase a climax.Let it come to you, “invite” it and relax – make sure that the “environment” is comfortable and “welcoming”, for when the Big O arrives!  Use your imagination, project your thoughts and fantasies and you will reach the orgasm without any effort.

Lastly, learn to accept things exactly as they are. Do not plan when to reach the climax – sometimes, you may not feel turned on, while other times you just want to make love to your boyfriend for hours and hours, and that is perfectly fine. Just make sure to do whatever your body and your heart dictate you every single time – there is absolutely no way to go wrong with that, when it comes to sex.

Let the sexual energy flow through you and cease resistance. It is then when everything becomes suddenly clear!

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