How To Get A Beautiful Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

guy on a couch with his beautiful girlfriend

Get her interested and make her your girlfriend!

Everybody wants something beautiful in their lives. And there are few things more wonderful on this planet of ours than the love of a beautiful girl. But chances are you’ve already discovered just how hard it is to catch the attention of someone like that, let alone turn her into your girlfriend and keep her around long-term.

Simply put, beautiful girls are used to being approached from all sides. This sometimes leads to weariness on their part, as they can become quite jaded and may start rejecting any and all advances from the very beginning. Not to mention that compliments and pick-up lines lose their effect because they’ve “heard it all before”.

But here’s where you can be different. Here’s how you can get a beautiful girl to be your girlfriend.

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By simply being aware of the rules that govern the dating scene and applying them intelligently, you can increase your chances of getting the girl of your dreams.

Here are a few general guidelines you should abide by in order to help her see the best in you:

1. Stop Being Self-Deprecating

You don’t have to change who you are. Chances are, even if you’re a good enough actor, you won’t be able to keep the facade going for long. It’s a better idea to own up to the person you are and accept whatever faults and imperfections you might possess.

Be careful not to come across as too self-deprecating, even if you go about it in a humorous way. There’s nothing more attractive in a man than confidence, so make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin before pursuing anyone else.

2. Say What You Mean

Don’t get too caught up in trying to follow some convoluted strategy you found on the internet or read in some dating magazine. Just allow yourself to be honest about what you want.

If you think she has pretty eyes, say so. If you want to ask her out, then by all means do it. Women can pick up your intentions from the way you express yourself, and the ones worth dating won’t shy away from a man who’s confident enough in his abilities to say what he really thinks.

Most men approach beautiful women like they are walking on eggshells because they don’t want to mess things up, say the wrong thing, or offend her. Don’t be that guy, especially if you want a shot at making her your girlfriend instead of just ending up in the friend-zone.

3. Approach Beautiful Women With The Right Mindset

You should always keep in mind that people who give off a needy vibe tend to fare much worse at attracting partners. Needy men and beautiful girls are like oil and water; they don’t mix.

In order to have a chance at a truly fulfilling relationship with an attractive woman, you first need to stop looking for one. Focus instead on getting dates and steadily improving your skills as a romantic partner. Practice makes perfect, and there’s no better way to become a better lover than by simply putting yourself out there and seeing what happens. Learn to say “Yes”, because saying yes opens the door to opportunity.

Understanding ONE girl, no matter how bad you want her, isn’t going to make or break your life will keep you from being afraid of rejection and will keep you from being needy, which brings us to our next point.

4. Avoid The Trap Of Tunnel Vision

Dating should be fun. A person’s romantic life is not an ideal breeding ground for developing unhealthy obsessions.

Even if you do have your sights set on a specific person, keep in mind there may be other ideal romantic partners out there. In fact, the more secure you feel about yourself and what you have to offer, the less hung up you’ll be around beautiful girls.

Let’s not forget that a man who can attract lots of women is always more attractive to a beautiful woman because his status as an “alpha male” is raised in her eyes. Just ask Adam Lyons. If a lot of girls desire you, it will only make the one girl you really want desire you that much more.

So now you know a little bit more about getting a beautiful girl to be your girlfriend and how to navigate the tricky waters of dating. But, no matter what you do, always remember that girls, even the most beautiful ones, think and act just like everybody else. The same attraction triggers that will get you a date with the girl next door will also get you a date with the most beautiful girl in the room.

Seeing things in this light will allow you to interact with every potential romantic interest in a natural and healthy manner, thereby ensuring that every relationship you pursue will be built on solid ground.


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