Is It Time To Say Goodbye? 6 Reasons To End Your Relationship Sooner Rather Than Later


When is the right time to say goodbye to a failing relationship?

You may not know the exact red flags of a failing relationship, but you will definitely feel them.

If your intuition is telling you something is up, most likely, something really is up. It’s that sinking feeling that your relationship is not as it was before, when you’d wish there was heavy traffic so you’d have an excuse to have more time with him or her, even if it’s just a few more minutes on the road. This time, you can’t wait to get out of the car.

It’s the subtle changes in the relationship, or the routine habits that you’ve developed, such as your partner suddenly talking so much about his/her new coworker, or his habit of telling you one thing in private and saying another in public.

When you’ve gotten attached to someone you care about, the saying “Love is Blind,” becomes the perfect example of you.

Here are 6 red flags that should have you prepared to pack your bags:

1. Trust Has Been Shattered

Trust is one of the most important essentials of a relationship. Without it, you’re in for an incredibly terrible downfall. If you discovered the truth to a lie your partner made, it can be the most earth shattering thing to happen. This is especially true if you find out you’re being cheated on.

If you stay in the relationship, then prepare yourself for a whirlwind of chaos. No longer will you feel safe and secure with this person, and you will never, ever trust him again.

Once trust is broken, it can be the hardest thing to fix. And for most people, once a cheater, always a cheater. Spare yourself the pain and pack your bags immediately.

2. You Are Being Smothered

Is your partner texting you 10 times every hour while you’re at work? Constantly checking up on you about what you’re doing, where you are, and who you’re with? And at the end of the day, does your partner ask you every single detail about how your day went? Including the time you arrived at work, what you ate for lunch, and the time you logged out?

In the beginning of the relationship, his or her constant checking up on you was cute and sweet, but now, it’s just plain annoying. Someone who smothers you is insecure about himself – constantly scared that you might find someone else or doing something that doesn’t involve him.

Having your own separate lives and own friends are factors of a healthy relationship. When your partner deprives you of these, hurry and run to the opposite side of the road!

3. You Are The Object Of Disrespect

Does your partner insult you in front of other people? Or does he constantly put down your dreams? If he doesn’t respect who you are as a person, then why are you still staying?

Having the freedom to be yourself and do the things you want to do without having to consult someone makes life worth living. You weren’t born to serve a single person – you were born to be whoever you want to be.

4. Your Deal Breakers Are Broken

If you promised yourself you would never end up with someone who lies to you and you’re still staying despite countless instances of betrayal, then you’re not giving yourself any worth.  Put a price on your self and don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t meet your expectations.

Sure, no one’s perfect, but when the person you’re dating becomes the complete opposite of who you want to be with, then it’s time to say goodbye.

5. You And Your Partner Are Becoming Rihanna And Chris Brown

You often read and hear about these two celebrities breaking up and getting back together again so often that it comes as a shock if you don’t hear about it. If you constantly break up and get back together again, your partner will never feel like he’s lost you.

To him, you will always be the one who will take him back no matter what. And this makes him unafraid to lose you when you do get back together.

If you break up again, sink your teeth into it and this time, never look back.

6. You Are Stuck

If your relationship is going nowhere and you want it to have some changes, such as your partner getting a job or moving out of his parents’ basement but he doesn’t do anything, then it might be time to move forward. Don’t let your partner drag you down to his level. If he loves you, he will make an effort to change and help you achieve your dreams.

The moment you realize your worth is being thrown out the window, it’s time to close the door on your relationship. Once you do, you are opening the possibility for the right person to come along.

So the next time you see any of the red flags above, know it’s definitely time to say goodbye.

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