My Friend Is Flirting With Me – What Does It All Mean?

At what point does friendly flirting cross the line and become something more...

At what point does friendly flirting cross the line and become something more…

Flirting between friends is a common practice. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re single or married.

According to various studies, human beings are genetically engineered to engage in this type of activity.  We just can’t help ourselves. However, not all flirting is done with the intention of initiating a romantic relationship.

So what’s the point of flirting?

People flirt because it’s fun. If both parties understand what’s happening, it does little harm.

Things start to go wrong when one person reads too much into it. If this happens, it can lead to a lot of pain and conflict.

What it means when friends flirt…

When it comes to flirting between friends, there is always the potential for sexual tension. In fact, there is actual data to support this notion.

According to the Social Issues Research Center, a study showed that men are more likely to interpret any form of flirting on the part of the woman as a subtle invitation for sexual advances. So the question remains: what happens when two close friends start to flirt with one another?

Navigating this thin line can be very tricky. As a result, you should first understand some of the reasons why friends flirt:

In certain situations, friendly flirting is used to test the waters to see whether there is any possibility of taking the friendship a little bit further.  This is common when a friend develops stronger feelings for you and wants to find out if you feel the same way.  If you don’t respond favorably to the flirting, they can just back off and pretend like nothing ever happened.

A person may also use flirting to boost their own self-confidence or validate their sexual appeal. It can also make them feel better more attractive.

Sometimes flirting is an automatic response to feelings of jealousy or fear of losing someone. In most cases, the person may want keep their options open. Any outsider who shows interest is usually viewed as a threat. This sort of tactic is meant to prevent a person from seeking companionship elsewhere.

A few guidelines to fun flirting with a friend…

Fun friendly flirting is usually done in public because it makes both parties feel less vulnerable. We can find some form of protection in a group of people if the other party initiates an unwanted response.

Be careful how you interpret flirting through text messages. People tend to feel more confident writing things that they would never say to a person’s face because the anonymity factor works to their advantage.

Also since they aren’t right next to you, they don’t have to worry about an awkward situation if you don’t respond favorably to their flirting.  People tend to be much more bold over text than they are face to face.

If a friend flirts with you and you are unsure of their real intention, just come out and ask.  It’s better to ask directly than to assume and misinterpret.

If a friend only flirts with you when other people are around (especially those of the opposite sex), it may be a sign he or she has deeper feelings for you.   Flirting can be their way of trying to protect the relationship they have with you.

Finally, make sure that you don’t take flirting with friends too far.  It’s important that both parties understand what is happening and how far they are allowed to go.

Remember, if you decide to cross the line and become intimate, there’s no going back to the friendship you had before.

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