When Is It The Right Time To Stop Texting Your Ex?

Is continuing to text your ex after a breakup ever a good idea?

Is continuing to text your ex after a breakup ever a good idea?

It is commonly said that the pain of love is one of the strongest and a break up can thus be heart wrenching.  Weeks or even months after you part ways with your ex, you may find yourself at the phone again trying to scribble a message to tell him how much he means to you despite the fact that you are no longer together.

While this may seem irrational to some, it is the order of day in most breakups and the question that has sent the heads of relationship and dating experts rolling is…

When Is It Time To Stop Texting Your Ex?

This is often a debate that women do not want to be dragged into but the fact is that ex-texting is real and addictive, making it a potential threat to ongoing relationships if it is not nipped in the bud.  Texting an ex is like holding onto a shadow temporarily to occupy yourself during the lonely times while you wait for the manifestation of the real love of your heart.

Does It Help To Text Your Ex

Well there are two sides of a coin that you may want to consider before you either justify or condemn the practice of ex-texting. On one side, you have to look at the emotional stability and reassurance that texting your ex gives you, and in the other you need to be cautious of the dangers this can pose to your new found relationship.

The Emotional Stability and Reassurance

Texting your ex in an innocent way without really having a physical relationship can be beneficial especially in the early stages of your new relationship. According to this line of reasoning, having someone to flirt with and get compliments from regularly can give you an emotional buffer, particularly in days when you’ve had a terrible date with your new guy.

Even in days when everything turns out well with your date, chances are that he may not immediately jam your phone with messages. This is where a text from your ex comes in handy.  In order to tame the excitement and the urge to text your new catch all the time, more so after a date, texting your ex can be the next best alternative.

The Emergence Of The Grey Area

With time, your new relationship is bound to grow and solidify. This is when you should make a firm decision because continuing to text your ex can expose you to instances of phone infidelity that can weaken the fabric of your new relationship.

It can also cast doubts as to whether you are truly committed to building your new relationship. Even during times of misunderstandings and fights, never look for solace in texting your ex.  This will only make things worse for you and will hurt your new partner.

Is There A Formula To Stop Texting Your Ex

There is no magic in stopping the practice of texting your ex. It has to come from you, backed by a strong and firm decision to desist from any sort of temptation to text your ex. If you have both agreed to let go of your past lives, then that should include your ex too.

Why You Need To Stop

At times you may feel that it is alright to continue checking on him because after all nothing is going on between the two of you. This may sound or even look convincing but the big question that you need to ask yourself is whether you would be comfortable if the situation was reversed.

Give your new relationship a fair play and acknowledge that you are a strong woman who doesn’t need compliments and reassurances for you to move on.

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