Why Do Guys Close Their Eyes During Sex…And Should You Be Worried?


Does closing his eyes during sex mean he’s thinking of someone else?

You are with your man in bed.

You are enjoying a very passionate moment.

It’s hot.  It’s sweaty.  It feels sooo good!

You are so intimately connected, it’s almost overwhelming.

You want nothing more than to stare into his vibrant, loving eyes as you climax together.

But then suddenly…

His eyes shut and he’s no longer looking at you as he comes close to the finish line.

But why?  What does it mean?

Is he escaping into his own fantasy world of hot, sexy lingerie models?  Is he secretly imagining being with someone else?  Does he not love you the way you thought he did?  Are you not sexy enough for him?

I am glad to tell you that when he closes his eyes, it has nothing to do with him escaping from the passionate moment that you are having with him.  The real reason why he is closing his eyes is because he is really enjoying the sensation.

Most guys always strive to hold back on reaching climax during sex.  They put a certain amount of mental effort to last longer in bed so that they can please you more.  All men hate to race to the finish line, and no man wants to be labeled as a “premature ejaculator“.

When a man actually shifts gears to allow himself to get to orgasm, the physical sensation usually becomes extremely powerful.  By closing his eyes, he is able to fully tune into the immense pleasure he is feeling deep inside his body.

Think of it like this: when one sense is taken away, the remaining four senses become heightened.

Author Felicity Keith adds further clarification and insight into this phenomenon when discussing her Language of Desire dirty talk program.

I took time to survey my man panel when writing The Language Of Desire (and The Sensual Tsunami- a sexy secondary product) with the aim of knowing what male orgasm is like.  They gave me straight answers.

One of them said: it is like a roller coaster that is slowly building and then takes a sharp turn, almost straight up, before rocketing straight down.  And there is a very amazing feeling in the stomach just before reaching the climax and in the next 10 to 15 seconds, the floor drops out and you drift in bliss. After that, reality sets in.

With this level of intensity, it is virtually impossible for a man to keep track of his eyes.

You can also think of it like kissing.  We usually close our eyes when kissing not because we intend to disconnect from the moment.  It is because it draws awareness to what is actually happening physically.  However, in orgasm, the fireworks are a million times more.

Is he thinking about other women when his eyes are closed?

Sure, it is possible for a man to fantasize that he is in bed with a Victoria’s Secret model when he is making love to you.  It’s just the same as when you close your eyes and think of Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, or any other man with an incredible bod you’d love to touch.

Having such fantasies is not a bad thing.  It is very normal for both men and women to do it from time to time.

It’s not something that will damage your relationship if it does not happen all the time, especially if you fantasize about a celebrity or someone that you will most likely never even meet, let alone have the opportunity to get naked with.

Of course, it’s a totally different story if your man fantasizes about your next door neighbor, the hot blonde, who he sees every day on his way to and from work.  But that’s a topic for another day!

If you would like to get more information about what goes through the mind of your man during sex as well as detailed information about how sexual fantasies can spice up the intimacy between you and your man, feel free to check out Felicity Keith’s Language Of Desire or read more about it in this review.

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